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How do I add my site?

On every page of Free Financial Directory you'll see an "Add My Site" link. When browsing Free Financial Directory you'll even see an "Add My Site Here" link. The most encouraged way to add a site is to browse our directory and click on the "Add Site Here" in the category you feel your site belongs in. Then just fill out our quick form, and display one of our seals (provided for you after you complete the form) on the same page you requested to be listed. Once our editors verify our seal is listed and your site is deemed acceptable, you'll be added!

What if I don't see an appropriate category to list my site in?

We're always looking to expand Free Financial Directory into interesting new directions. If we're missing a category simply find the closest match and put the new category name in the optional comments section and if our editors agree with you, the category will be added. If you don't have a site to add and just want to suggest a new category, let us know.

Why do I have to put up a seal to be listed in the directory?

We require you to put up a seal to be listed in the Free Financial Directory for two reasons. First, by putting a seal to us you're helping us become the most popular financial directory on the net. Second, we feel that putting up our seal will actually help improve the credability of your site.

How often do you look for the seal on my site?

We missed the seal the first time we visited your site? Not a problem! We check for a seal on your site every day so just wait up to 24 hours and check in your account to see the status of your site.

I closed the seal page without getting the code! Where do I get it?

Don't worry just log into your account and click on the "Get Code" link next to the URL you forgot to get the seal for. We will be back to your site every day to see if our seal is there so you should be listed within 24 hours.

Why was my site rejected?

Most likely the reason your site was rejected is because we feel your site didn't offer enough unique content or your site was already listed in our directory. Our editors do make mistakes, so please feel free to contact us if you feel we made a mistake.

Can I edit my listings?

Sure! If you want to change your site name or description simply log into your account and change edit your listing. If you wish to change category or your site's url, we ask that you delete your listing and resubmit. Just mention in the comments you were listed to better your chance of getting in the second time.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Not a problem. Just go to our forgotten email page.

Question wasn't answered here?

Simply contact us with your question and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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